Guide - Creating a questionnaire

Adding a new survey

There are three types of questionnaire available for you. Each type differs primarily from destiny. You will need the classic Startquestion survey for most tests. If you want to perform a knowledge test, diagnostic test or psychological test, select the Test option. However, if you want to reach the users of your website with the survey, we highly recommend using Widget.


  1. The survey is a classic research opinion usually about a particular issue. The aggregate results obtained from the survey on the provided answers are presented in numerical and percentage terms. If you are not sure what to choose then choose a survey. It works in 95% of cases.
  2. The test is a questionnaire with the possibility of assigning points to specific answers. On the basis of the number of points obtained, the final result is calculated. It is a technique that is mainly used, for example, in employee evaluations for HR departments, personality measurement questionnaires or other types of evaluation. In addition, in this type of research you can define the measured categories (features) and then define the appropriate interpretation of the results, which will be the result of the entire study.
  3. Widget for a website is a low-invasive form of a survey visible on your website (company website, university website, etc.). The widget can appear at any time – the choice depends on you. It will always contain only one question so that it does not take up too much space on the screen. If you want to develop the subject of the study started in the widget, you can continue your research in a full, normal survey. Your research will be displayed in a new browser tab or layer covering the website.


How to add a survey?


To add the first survey:

  1. In the top main menu, click: Create a project. This will display a form that allows you to create a survey or test.

  1. The tool will ask you: What kind of questionnaire do you want to create? Click Survey (2), and then select the preferred type of survey, depending on your needs (3).
  2. In the form field marked as (4), give the title of your survey.
  3. To confirm, click Add (5).

To add another survey:

  1. On the top right corner of the screen, click again: Create a project.
  2. In the survey creation menu which will appear, follow the same procedure as in the previous case.

Worth to remember:


  • It is important to match the type of the survey to its content (it makes much easier its creation and subsequent analysis).
  • The title of the questionnaire should be relatively short and contain the problem in as few words as possible.
  • The title of the survey should not contain the content of the invitation to complete the survey. You will be able to add this in the next stages of creating the survey.


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