Guide - Creating a questionnaire

Adding media to the question content

Thanks to this function, in the content of the question or answer, you can place various types of multimedia – like photos, films or even sound files. These activities will make completing the survey more attractive for your respondents. It is also a tool thanks to which we have the opportunity to present the respondent with more information for evaluation. In the end, it is possible to implement specific research goals – requiring multimedia coverage (eg research on TV commercials).

How to add a YouTube video?

  1. Before you start adding videos from YouTube, you must have an account on this site, as well as upload videos that you want to use in the survey.
  2. Then, when adding a question (see the article which explain how to add a question) click the icon (1) to access the advanced edition of the question or answer.

  1. To add a YouTube video, in the advanced question or answer editing menu, click (2).

  1. In the form (3) field, paste the link to the video on this site and confirm the changes by selecting Insert. To resign, click Cancel.

How to add a picture?


  1. To add an image, in the advanced editing menu, select (4).

To add an image located on the Internet, click From the URL (5), and then in the form field (6) paste the URL of the graphic (this address is obtained by right-clicking on the image and selecting Copy URL of the graphic).

  1. Confirm the changes by clicking Paste or Cancel if you want to opt out of the changes.

  1. To add a picture from the disk, in the advanced editing menu, select (3) – as in the previous step.
  2. Click From Disk (7), then select the file (8) and enter the location of the image on your computer’s disk, and confirm the changes by selecting Paste.

How to add HTML content?


  1. If you need a specially formatted look, you can add them in HTML format. Click on the „Source code” icon (9).

  1. Insert your HTML (10) code (forced content or iframe) in the window. Confirm the whole with OK.

  1. Important information – iframe frame display requires special account permissions. Contact us for information.

Worth to remember:

  •  Remember to choose the right size of the picture. If you choose too big photo or logo, the survey may not display correctly. On the other hand, if you choose too small picture, it may be unreadable to the respondent.
  •  The size of the image uploaded from the computer’s own disk can not exceed 2 MB.
  •  You can use the photos on your computer’s disk or refer directly to photos posted on the Internet.
  •  Adding multimedia can take place during the creation of the question, or after it is completed, while re-editing.
  •  You can also add sounds, graphics and videos to all questions in our questionnaire, regardless of their type.

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