Analysis of results

When you finally finish the survey, it’s time to start analyzing the results. Our tools for analyzing research results will allow you to obtain comprehensive knowledge.

The basic functionality, without which the analysis would not be possible, are filters and cross tables. Startquestion provides you advanced filtering capabilities – based on specific conditions of occurrence of response, time of filling and data of the respondent. Thanks to this, it is easy to find out, for example, how your 30-39 year old male respondents answered in the last month.

In addition, you can easily generate a report from the study in PDF, DOCX, PPTX formats and also export the results of the survey in XLSX, CSV or SPSS formats.

An important system functionality are also the cross tables, which allow you to combine different questions and segments. You can also use the alerts and cyclical reports that will ensure the best monitoring of your clients, users or respondents in general.

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