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How to check if email from your lead generation campaign is valid?

Each marketer knows how important it is to have ongoing leads campaigns. Now matter what your business model is, you need to have good quality leads at the top of your pipeline. In this particular case by good quality leads I mean email addresses which are deliverable. If the domain from the email address does not exist or the username is fake we will be decreasing our email reputation which is not good for your business. 

How will you know if email addresses provided by users to pass the paywall or sign for a newsletter are correct? Obviously we are looking for automated ways, because these days we don’t want to spend too much time on manual tasks. As a marketer you have better things to do instead of manually email address validation.

To automate this process there is an awesome tool called Bouncer – Email Validation and Verification Service. This is a simple piece of software which allows you to check email and continue the lead generation process with only validated addresses.

Here is the instruction with images how to create simple form with automation using Zapier. Link to the template is here.


1. Create form on Startquestion

2. Open form and fill with sample data

3. Go to and click „Create Zap”

4. Click the „Search apps…” field.

5. Type „startqu”

6. Click „Startquestion”

7. Click the „Choose an event” field.

8. Click „Triggers when a new response is submitted in a survey.”

9. Click „Continue”

10. Click „Choose an account…”

11. Click email address you used for Startquestion (if you are doing this for the first time you have to connect your account via Zapier)

12. Click „Continue”

13. Click „Choose value…”

14. Select the form you created in step 1.

15. Click „Continue”

16. Click „Test trigger”

17. You will see collected data in the form. Click „Continue”

18. Go to „Action”. Click the „Search apps…” field.

19. Type „bouncer”

20. Click here.

21. Click the „Choose an event” field.

22. Click here.

23. Click „Continue”

24. Click „Choose an account…”

25. Click the account name you used for (if you are doing this for the first time you have to connect your account via Zapier)

26. Click „Continue”

27. Click on „Email Address”.

28. Click „Show all options”

29. Click email address you used for test (in my case this was „”)

30. Click „Continue”

31. Click „Test & Continue”

32. Click this icon (plus sign).

33. Click „Filter (Only proceed when a condition is met)”

34. Click „Choose field…”

35. Click here.

36. Click „Show all options”

37. Click here.

38. Click „Choose condition…”

39. Click „(Text) Does not contain”

40. Click here.

41. Type „low”. By doing this we will only continue when checked email has status different than „low”. Low means least chances for deliverability.

42. Click „Continue”

43. You can see if sample data would make the Zap continue or not.

44. Click this icon.

45. Type „intercom” or any other platform you would like to send your contact to.

46. We decided to send data to platform.

47. Click the „Choose an event” field.

48. Click „Create or update an Intercom lead”.

49. Click „Continue”

50. Click „Choose an account…”

51. Select account connected to Zapier. If you are doing this for the first time you have to authenticate your Intercom account via Zapier.

52. Click „Continue”

53. Click here.

54. Click „1. New Survey Response in Startquestion”

55. Click „Show all options”

56. Select sample email from the form. In our case it’s „”

57. Click this text field.

58. Type „bouncer email status”

59. Click here.

60. Click „2. Verify Email in Bouncer”

61. Click „Show all options”

62. Click here.

63. Click „Continue”

64. Click „Test & Continue”

65. Click „Turn on Zap”

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Above we prepared for you very detailed instruction, because we know how important is to know exactly every step and click in the process of Zapier integrations. However, if you need more details, help of simply informations about benefits of this integration, feel free to contact us.

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