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Average for the neutral scale [matrix question]

In connection with the implementation of the latest changes on the Startquestion platform, a new function for our users has appeared: displaying the average in a matrix question. The calculation of the average doesn’t require explanation when each scale has a weight assigned. However, if there is a neutral scale in a particular situation, then not every scale has a weight assigned by default. And this can generate problems, which we would like to resolve for You in this article. 

Therefore, the following guide is intended to explain how the neutral scale works (how weights are assigned, etc.) so that every user of Startquestion can take full advantage of the tool’s capabilities.

The average for the neutral scale in the matrix question

Displaying the average will be possible for the answers in the single-choice matrix question. The average column will appear:

  • in aggregate results,
  • when exporting aggregated results in CSV format,
  • when exporting summary results in XLSX format.

The column containing the average is added at the end of the table – just like in the question rating.

Individual scales, starting from the first have default weights assigned (in turn: 1, 2, 3 …). They are broadcast exactly as if it were a rating question: the first column in this case would be one star, the second would be two, etc.

The problem may appear when You would like to set  a neutral scale in the matrix question. In this case, we don’t take it into account at all. Therefore (regardless of whether the neutral scale is the first scale – it appears at the end, beginning or in the middle), each time we simply skip the neutral response when assigning weights. For example, when the first scale is a neutral scale – than we give weights only from the second scale: NEUTRAL, 1, 2, 3.

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