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CAPI – Computer Assisted Personal Interview

Our e-mails almost every day are filled with requests to evaluate the products or services we have used. It is not surprising then that nowadays companies more and more often decide to use the research method with the use of electronic devices, including mobile ones – smartphones, tablets, laptops. This kind of computer-assisted questionnaire is called CAPI, specifically Computer Assisted Personal Interview.

The CAPI method – advantages

The biggest advantage of using the CAPI survey is their versatility – they can be used practically everywhere where respondents are people using electronic devices on a daily basis. The biggest advantages of the method are:

  • conducting remote surveys, which is not possible in the case of paper tests (PAPI),
  • speed and efficiency in collecting ratings and opinions,
  • the ability to quickly share the study with a large group of recipients,
  • the ease of creating surveys and the possibility of personalizing them,
  • attractive appearance – the ability to add charts, graphics, etc.,
  • easy, often automatic creation of reports and analyzes.

CAPI surveys can be created in a few minutes using – a tool for creating different kinds of surveys, forms and tests.

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