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CATI – Computer Assisted Telephone Interview

Most of us can’t imagine leaving the house without a phone. It turns out that the creators of the surveys used this fact by creating the CATI method, i.e. Computer Assisted Telephone Interview. It is a way to collect quantitative information which is used, among others, in opinion surveys.

The telephone interview is carried out using a specially prepared computer program that selects the respondent’s phone numbers and also supervises the course of the study. The task of the interviewer who conducts the interview is to read the questions and save the answers in specially prepared, ready-made forms.

CATI enthusiasts share many advantages of this method, which include:

  • low implementation costs,
  • the speed of the test and the possibility of contact at a distance,
  • ease of interview – ready templates of questions and all surveys, easy entering of answers to the system,
  • the ability to view the content and course of the study – interviews are recorded,

CATI type research can be easily created on – a tool for creating online surveys, forms and tests.

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