Guide - Creating a questionnaire

Copying a page or question in a survey

This option allows you to duplicate a selected question or page of our survey, which facilitates the process of creating a questionnaire (there is no need to enter the same data once again). This is especially useful if we use redirections or re-use the already created questions by making minor modifications.

How could you copy a question or the whole page?


Below we present in the first place how in your survey you can copy the entire page, and then how to copy the selected question.



  • To copy the whole page of the survey:


  1. Click on the Create tab in the menu on the left side of the screen (1).
  2. Find the sheet page you want to copy, then click Copy (2).

  1. The copied page will appear at the end of the sheet.
  2. The location of the copied page can be changed at any time (See how in our user guide).
  3. If you want to delete the copied page, click Delete (on the right, next to Copy).
  • To copy a specific question:
  1. Click Create tab (3) just like you did while copying pages.
  2. Hover over an question which You would like to copy – this will expand the question field with few option on the right corner.
  3. Click 3rd one: Copy (4).

  1. The new, copied question will appear just below the copied question.
  2. After copying, you can move the question to the right place.
  3. To delete the copied question, hover over it, then click Delete (5).


Worth to remember:


  • The service allows you to copy any question and any page of the created questionnaire.
  • At any time, it is also possible to change the order of each page or question (You can read about i in our user guide).

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