Guide - Creating a questionnaire

Copying of existing surveys

Thanks to the possibility of copying questionnaires, you can conduct an identical survey or a similar survey to those you carried out in the past.

This option allows you save your time, because You don’t have to create all the questions from scratch. You don’t even have to copy each question individually. Just a few clicks and you’re ready.

Copying surveys is also useful when you want to reactivate the study, but you do not want the results to be aggregated with the results from the previous edition of the study.

How to copy the survey?

  1. In the upper right corner, click Create project (1).

  1. From the four questionnaire types, select Survey (2), and below select the Copy one of my surveys (3) option.
  2. Select the questionnaire to be copied from the list below (4).
  3. In the Enter your new survey title (5) field.
  4. Confirm by clicking Add in the bottom of the page to go to the option to modify the questionnaire.

Worth to remember:

  • If you copy the survey type Test or Widget, the copy of the survey will be of the same type.
  • The default name of the copied questionnaire will correspond to the name in the original version with the note COPY.
  • Along with the content of the questionnaire, its settings and graphic skin will also be copied to the new questionnaire.


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