Creating a questionnaire

You should know that correctly created questionnaire is already half of the success in the whole survey process. A well-designed online survey will allow you to collect more valuable results and increase your response rate. Thanks to this, the analysis of the results will be much more reliable.

Before you start creating a survey, it’s worth learning the basics. Depending on the type of research and your needs, the survey can be very simple (containing basic types of questions) or advanced (containing logic and filtering questions).

In addition, you should know that surveys can also take the form of a natural conversation with the respondent by using dynamic responses. For example, the respondent giving his first name in the first question is asked by name in the further part of the survey.

Thanks to possibilities given by Startquestion you are also able to prepare your survey in several languages and easily change its appearance by uploading your own logo or colors, and use popular survey templates.

If you have a database of respondents, you can easily identify how they answered your questions using the prefill function. Thanks to this, you will easily find out what your company’s rating and customer satisfaction are (eg using the Net Promoter Score research method).

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