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Double opt-in (enforcing e-mail confirmation)

The Startquestion platform allows its users to create the so-called double opt-in. The function is to send a second message to the responder asking for confirmation of the e-mail address. The need to obtain such confirmation was imposed on companies collecting and processing personal data, in connection with the General Data Protection Regulation.

This solution can be implemented in a very simple way. However, the requirement is to create a question about an e-mail address or send an invitation to the address indicated earlier.

Then, in the e-mail after filling in, the message content and the postfill should be set by the user, e.g. [POSTFILL_NRofquestion].

How does it work in practice?

Let’s assume that our survey contains 10 questions. To create a double opt-in we add another, one-choice question with the following content: Do you confirm your email address?

We put only one answer in it: Yes

Then, in the questionnaire edition use option: Redirect from selected answer and choose the field: Finish study.

Then, in the body of the message sent to the respondent after filling it is enough to add the content [POSTFILL_10] (or any other number of your last question). In this way, the defined content will be sent to the e-mail address and a question with a confirmation link will be sent.

Of course, to find out who completed the survey (with confirmation to the email address), and who didn’t, you should also apply filters. You can read about how to create them in this article in our User Guide.

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