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Ex post evaluation

As the name suggests, the ex post evaluation concerns the analysis of a given phenomenon after its implementation. It is the most frequently chosen method of assessment, which in the case of skilfully selected questions allows you to quickly summarize the results of undertaken projects. It is also common used to measure satisfaction or emotional relation to events or tasks performed by respondents in the past.

Sample questions that will be included in the questionnaire or ex post evaluation survey may look as follows:

  • How do you rate customer service in store X?
  • Are you satisfied with the service offered?
  • Is there anything that you would change in our product?

The primary objective of the ex-post evaluation may be, most of all, to determine whether the task was completed in whole or in part, whether all assumed activities were implemented, what was the contribution of individual participants to the tasks, whether they achieved the expected results, what should be changed in future etc.

Meet the tools to conduct ex-post evaluation in the field of, among others assessment of customer satisfaction, customer service, satisfaction and commitment.

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