Guide - Creating a questionnaire

Gradual distribution of invitations

It is a function of sending invitations to complete the questionnaire, which allows you to send emails to your clients’ database. The shipment is spread over 100 days – we send invitations to 1% of respondents from your base every day

The gradual shipment will be particularly useful in satisfaction surveys, where you find out something new every day and a small portion of data for analysis is provided to you every day.

In the second (and the last) step of configuring the distribution to be tested, before accepting the shipment, you can decide how and when the invitations will be sent to complete your survey. The gradual distribution function will start after selecting the last one: Send up to 1% of recipients daily.

Step 1 – Create a list of respondents

Here you will find a detailed description of how to create a list of respondents.

Step 2 – Configure the sending of invitations

1. In the Collect (1) tab, select the option E-mail distribution(2). Your list of respondents will be displayed, below please click the Configure mailing (3) button.

2. Select the type of distribution you want to make (4).

3. In the next and last distribution configuration step, in the Dispatch date (5) section, select the option: Send daily to 1% of recipients and indicate the time at which invitations are to be sent (6).

4. After correctly configured, the following notification will be displayed:

Scheduled distribution of invitations can be monitored in the Collect -> E-mail distribution tab below the list of your respondents. There you can also manage your distribution.

If you would like to cancel your scheduled distribution, you should delete all scheduled distributions. The appropriate option is located under the list of scheduled shipments.

Worth to remember:

  • In the list of respondents you can check who has already received the invitation. The shipment will be carried out according to the order in which the respondents are displayed on the list.
  • If you plan to send invitations to less than 100 people, it will be spread evenly over 100 days. Every single day, one invitation will be sent so that all respondents receive an invitation after 100 days.
  • If you added new respondents after creating the distribution, you can configure a new one, in the first step selecting the option „I want to send invitations to those respondents that have not been invited yet”. In this way, you will invite new respondents who you have added to the database. You can also delete all scheduled shipments and configure the entire shipment again.

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