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Webinar feedback – learn how to send email NPS survey after Livestorm webinar (via Zapier)

In this article we are going to show you how to automate collecting feedback after webinar via email. We are going to use Livestorm as a platform for webinar, Startquestion as a platform for online survey and Zapier as a platform for handling survey integration and automation. To reproduce this playbook you need around 60 minutes. You don’t have to know how to code at all. If you have questions, or concerns please contact us directly at We can help you setup this Zap or any other integration you want.

Why you should automate feedback collection after webinar? Because you shouldn’t spend time for repetitive task. Your time is your biggest asset.

We assume you are familiar with what Zapier is. If you don’t please visit this page to understand how it works and why it’s so awesome!

We also assume you understand what Net Promoter Score is. If you don’t please visit this page to read about NPS surveys

As a result of this guide you will be able to see live feedback results of all webinars in the handy feedback survey report.

In the report final report you will find:

NPS result + NPS trend of all Livestorm webinar events:

Startquestion survey platform have a great support for NPS question so you will see all Promotors / Neutrals / Passives in a handy report. It will refresh automatically. You will see current NPS together with the historical data.

NPS ranking for all Livestorm webinar events:

All your webinar events will be grouped automatically and sorted descending from the highest NPS score. You can learn from each other. Once integration is done the list will be filled with your Livestorm data automatically.

NPS trend

Once you will start collecting your data you will realise there is another important variable – time. Your NPS score will change over time. And your job is to improve it. Here is the example of NPS trend you will be able to track on a live dashboard.

You can see the live example of the result here on the NPS survey dashboard.

Livestorm – my favourite webinar platform is great. Why? Because it has the feature I love – recurring webinars. It means you can record webinar once and pretend it’s being played live: every month, every week or even every day. I love it. Connecting automated survey with automated webinar means your feedback process being set on autopilot. You can focus on creating more engaging webinars while old ones are being played with feedback provided.

Startquestion – your next survey platform is online survey platform with great support for NPS. You can customise your survey however you want, platform has extremely powerful options for skip logic and analytics.

How to setup integration via Zapier?

Step 1: Use the Zapier template.

We already did work so you don’t have to. Simply go to Livestorm and Startquestion automation of email survey after webinar zap to start, and click Try this zap.

After signing up to Zapier you should see the following screen:

Step 2: Configure Livestorm account

Now it’s time to connect Livestorm into your Zapier account. Click Choose an account.

After the dropdown appear you should click Connect a new account.

You should see a new window which looks the following:

How to get a Zapier token from Livestorm? It’s very easy. Register to the and click Account Settings (1) go to the Integrations (2) and Zapier (3)

As a result you will see the Zapier Token

Copy the code to the Zapier Token window and click Yes, Continue.

If everything goes well you should see the following screen. Press Continue.

Step 3: Configure Livestorm events

Once you configured account connection it’s time to decide on trigger details.

If you want to decide which event you want to feedback after it’s finished you can Filter By Event Title (1), or select from dropdown menu Filter By Event (2). We suggest you should leave both fields in the default state and click Continue.

Next you click Test trigger, so system will try to connect Livestorm and get some sample event.

As a result you should see the sample data:

If you see one of your past events it means we are good.

If the list is empty it means you don’t have any webinar events in Livestorm (which is ok if you just created the account). Please create one sample webinar, and make sure it was really started and finished. You can start sample hidden webinar. It doesn’t have to be serious for now.

Click Continue.

Step 4: Check if webinar registrant attended webinar session

It is very common that registrants don’t show up to the event. This is why we have to check if registrant actually attended webinar. It’s great we can do it with Zapier and Filter feature.

Filter will only continue if Registrant attended event. You don’t need to change anything here. Click Continue.

This is summary, click Close.

Step 5: Create account on Startquestion

Alright, we are almost there! Now it’s time to create webinar feedback survey (click on this link, and register account).

Please fill out the form and click Register.

You will see survey preview. Please click Edit this template. You will see survey questions.

Please keep in mind there are different questions depending on which number is selected in the first NPS questions. This is really cool if you want to get really powerful insights from your registrants.

Step 6: Send survey invitation with Startquestion

Ok, once we have our questions ready we should configure sending survey invitations from Startquestion via Zapier. To do so let’s go back to Zapier and click on the step 3:

Click on the Edit.

Now we have to change fields 1,2 and 3 to values from your account. Let’s begin.

1. URL$ID_ACCOUNT/$KEY/$AUTH/send-invitation

We have to find „$ID_ACCOUNT”, „$KEY” and „$AUTH”.

In Startquestion please go to: Account > Setting > Integrations

On the Integrations page click Generate new (3). You will see generated data:

Copy newly generated data to our URL so in our case the result is:

Please keep in mind you have to fill the URL with your data. Otherwise this will not work.

Copy and paste the code to the URL section in the Zapier.

2. id_survey (2)

To find out what your id_survey is please go to Startquestion > Collect.

The id_survey is in the arrow location (2). In our case it’s 634674. Please remember you have to copy and paste yours.

2. id_template

To find out what id_template is please go to Startquestion > Collect > Email distribiution because we have to create email invitation template.

Click Enter manually (1) button.

Type your email address so you will send yourself your email invitation to the feedback survey after webinar.

Click Configure mailing.

Because we treat data protection law very seriously please fill up form with your company / your private details.

Click Next.

You can edit and preview your email invitation.

Once you are ready please scroll to the bottom of the screen to save/send invitation template.

Please click Save invitation content for future dispatches (1) and provide the name – in our case we called it NPS webinar invitation. Please click Save without sending (2).

You should be seeing the following screen.

In our case id_template is 8382. Please keep in mind you should use your value of the id_template.

As the final result you should be seeing the following data in the Zapier.

Click Continue.

Click Test & Continue.

As the result you should see the following screen: Test was successful. Click Turn on Zap. Your are now ready to collect responses.

Create NPS dashboard with Livestorm events ranking

Once we have finished creating automation for connecting Livestorm with Startquestion via Zapier we should cover how to present collected responses.

Please go to Startquestion > Results > Rankings.

Click Create a new ranking.

Provide chart name (1), and click Data segment (2), select Label 1 (3) and select NPS question (4). Click Create a ranking.

The ranking with survey results will look something like this:

Please take a look at Add to report (5) button. Click it. You will be able to add this particular ranking into our final NPS dashboard.

Select New report radio button and click Create report button.

Alright, the report has been created. Now we can add additional elements into it. Click Continue to close the overlay.

Add NPS trend to the dashboard

Now we will add NPS trend of our webinars to the previously created dashboard. To do so go to Startquestion > Results > Trends page.

To create new trend click Create new trend button.

After you fill the form with the desired options mind to select your NPS question from our survey template. Click Create a trend button.

Please keep in mind you need to have at least one result to see any results.

Please take a look what you will see after you collect some data. The line (1) is a trend. Now Let’s click Add to report (2) button.

Select Existing report radio button, and click Add to report.

Alright, Now click Edit report, so we can see how our dashboard will look like.

Generating Live dashboard or PDF report

Once we added elements to our NPS dashboard we are now ready to generate it so we can share data with others.

Click Export report to start generating Live dashboard od PDF report.

You can decide if you want PDF static document or Online Dashboard. Let’s go with the Online Dashboard. Click on Online box and next click Export.

File generation in progress

To see generated file click Go to Download center.

Click on the download icon to see live preview of your newly created NPS dashboard. Congratulations you can now share it with your team mates.

As the final result you should be seeing something like this NPS live webinar dashboard.

If you have questions, or concerns please contact us directly at We can help you setup this Zap or any other integration you want.

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