Guide - Creating a questionnaire

Iframe in the surveys

Sometimes we want the questionnaire we create to contain something more than introduction and questions. The Startquestion tool gives users the option of including a different page or document in the questionnaire. This is what the iframe option, i.e. floating frame – iframe.

How to create an iframe?

To add a floating frame to the survey, enable the advanced editor while creating or editing the question and choose the option to edit the HTML code. It’s simple: you have to select the question you are interested in, click the edit button on the right, and then select the source code from the available options (symbol: <>)

You can find out how to add questions and where to find the editing panel from a separate section in our User Guide.

The placed frame automatically receives the sandbox attribute, which limits the functionality of the page in the frame for reasons of security of the survey. For the needs of the most demanding clients, specialists from Startquestion team are able to add to the frame element appropriate settings of the sandbox attribute, so that all the functionality of the page in the frame (eg form, scripts) will work.

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