Guide - Survey distribution

Import of own access codes (tokens) for the survey

Generating token numbers could be done not only through the system. You can import your own list of unique access codes. In this article you will learn how to do it.

How could you import your own tokens?

To import tokens and contacts, select the „Collect” tab (1), then „Custom distribution” (2) and in the next step „Import from file” (3).

When the dialog box appears, select the file containing the list of contacts. In this file, each of the columns may correspond to the label. Make sure that one of the columns is called Token (or token / TOKEN), and the cells in this column contain the correct tokens that you want to give to each contact. Each valid token must be unique and must consist of six alphanumeric characters. If the token is incorrect, the system will convert it to an automatically generated token.

When you import a file, the imported contacts will appear in the contact list along with their assigned tokens.

Worth to remember:

  • Always use one distribution method for a given survey. If you want to use your own Distributions and the option „Distributions via E-mail„, you should copy your project. You can learn how to do it from this article in User Guide.
  • Detailed information on how to import your contact list can be found here: „Labels, contacts and contact groups
  • In the case of dynamic invitations and thank you pages – for example, sent via e-mail – using the [TOKEN] macro, a token added by you will be inserted instead of the macro. You can find more about dynamic content and macros in the article „Dynamic content and macros
  • Detailed information on how to set up a survey with the highest security level, that is using single-used access codes (tokens), you can find in the guide in the article „Identification of respondents thanks to token usage”.

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