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With the help of the Startquestion tool, you can create not only prefill, or supplement the questionnaire using variables in the link, but also postfill.

It is a function that allows supplementing the questionnaire post factum. Postfill is placed in a message which is sent as an alert to specific respondents. This is primarily aimed at facilitating the categorization of open questions. It’s especially useful when there are many such questions in the survey.

How to create a postifll?

After creating the survey, go to the Settings tab and then choose an Alerts label. Select the Add new alert option, where among several functions the message content received by the alert recipient appears after completing the survey.

You can easily modify the content of the message in any way. In order for postfill to be displayed in an email, enter: [POSTFILL_questionNR] e.g. [POSTFILL_10].

As you can see in the example above, the recipient of the e-mail will receive in the message a link to the questionnaire and a specific question. If the questionnaire has only one question by marking a given answer, it will be redirected to the thank you page for completing the questionnaire. If the questionnaire contains a larger number of questions, the user, after selecting the answer in the e-mail, is automatically redirected to the next question.

When it’s worth to use the postfill?

  • when it is necessary to categorize the answers, due to the large number of open questions in the survey,
  • when the survey anticipates closing the user’s response into a loop.

An example of a study in which postfill is used is Voice of Customer, which you can conduct using Startquestion platform.

Worth to remember:

  • When your questionnaires containing one or more questions, it is worth to use the automatic numbering option. This will give You confidence that postfill will be added to the right question. Turning on automatic numbering is only necessary when postfill is created – it doesn’t have to be visible to respondents while completing.
  • This option is available only for single-choice questions!

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