Guide - Creating a questionnaire

Postponing the completion of the survey

This option allows the respondent to stop completing the questionnaire, at the same time allowing the resumption of its completion at any time. The function can be very useful – especially with very long questionnaires.

How to allow respondents to postpone completing the survey for later?


  1. Click Settings (1) tab, and then select Survey Settings (2).

  1. Look in the form field’s menu: While completing survey (3), and then click to select Respondents may postpone completing the survey.
  2. Confirm your changes by clicking Save (4).


  1. The effect of such settings is the possibility of returning to the questionnaire by the respondent at any time chosen by him (unless the data collection is completed).
  2. To be able to postpone the survey for later, click the pause symbol in the field Fill form (6) (this button is found under all questions, at the very bottom of the survey).



  1. When the respondent clicks the indicated button, he or she will be redirected to the page where the link is located. Its use allows you to return to the survey being resolved at any time (7).
  2. It is also possible to return directly to resolving the questionnaire using the Resume the completion now button (8).

Worth to remember:


  • If the survey is secured with a single-use code (token), and the respondent will postpone it for later, he can also return to it by clicking on the original link he has received. Based on the token, the respondent will be identified and transferred exactly to the place where he completed the examination.
  • You should remember that this option is particularly useful for long surveys, due to the possibility of causing the respondents’ fatigue. It can also be useful in complicated or difficult surveys, when the respondent needs time to think before answering.


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