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Providing unique information to respondents after completing the survey

After completing the survey, would you like to give each respondent unique feedback? To provide it you can use the functions available on Startquestion platform.

Thanks to the following solution, you will be able to provide the respondent with the information you specify, including for example:

– a discount code,

– promotional slogan,

– password to the system or other program,

– information about the prize or link to the prize.

Step 1:

First you need to prepare an Excel file (1), which will include email addresses of respondents to whom you will want to send an invitation to complete the questionnaire and individual information, eg. A promotional code assigned to the person that you will want to transfer after completing the survey.

It is important to have the respondent’s email address in one column, and the other to be assigned individually to each person.

Step 2:

The next stage will be importing the prepared file to Startquestion platform.

Go to the „Collect” (2) tab and then on the „E-mail distribution” tab (3). There will be several ways to enter respondents’ addresses. Click on the „Import from file” option (4).

Here you will see a window with which you will be able to select (5) the saved file, and then add the data to the site by clicking on the „Add” button (6).

The system will store email addresses of respondents with assigned promotional codes.

Step 3:

Next, you can decide whether you want the unique information displayed on the screen by the respondent for completing the questionnaire or that each person should receive an e-mail message containing individual information, eg a promotional code.


If you want the respondent to receive an individual message, you must define the content of the email that will be sent to the respondent after completing the survey, taking into account that the assigned promotional code is passed to the appropriate person.

To do this, go to the „Settings” tab (7), and then in the „E-mail after completion” (8).

In order to configure the e-mail message, the survey must have the highest security level and invitations sent using the „E-mail” option, then the e-mail information will be sent to the same address as the respondent received the invitation to the questionnaire.

How to do it? Read about it in dedicated article in our User Guide.

In the „E-mail after completion” section, a field will appear to specify the criteria for sending an e-mail message, the subject of the sent message, as well as a place to specify the content of the e-mail.

In the body of the message you can provide any information – thank you for completing the survey, deepening the topic of the research, links or a unique promotional code. The general content of the message will be sent to each respondent, but thanks to the use of tags insertion to a specific one, the respondent will be presented with a unique discount code, which in the second step was imported to the website together with the respondents’ email addresses.

Prepare the content of the e-mail, then in the place where you want to enter the discount code, click on „Tags” (9) and select from the list „Promotional code” (10).

Thanks to the above solution, the specified respondent in the email that will be sent to him after completing the survey will be indicated by the unique promotional code that you wanted to give him.

At the very end, click „Save” at the bottom of the page to save changes.


If you want the discount code to be displayed to the respondent only after completing the questionnaire, you have to edit the thank-you screen.

To do this, go to the „Create” tab (11), then go to the „Thank You page” section at the very bottom of the page.

After hovering on the thank-you message, you should click „Edit” (12), and then modify the thank-you message for completing the survey.

In the thank you text for completing the survey, you can share some information with the respondent.

However, in order to provide a unique promotional code in the place where it is to be placed, click on „Tags” (13) and select „Promotional code” from the list (14).

Thanks to the above option of the „tags” given to the respondent on the thank you completing the survey screen, a unique discount code will be displayed, which you would like to convey to him.

After making changes, click „Save” at the bottom of the thank you screen editing.

Worth to remember:

  • The option of defining an email sent to the respondent after completing the survey is only available within the Enterprise package,
  • The option of defining „Tags” on the thank-you screen is already possible from the Biznes account,
  • For more information on configuring a confirmation message to complete the survey, please read the article: E-mail to the respondent after the survey completion in our User Guide

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