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Qualitative research

Sometimes the answer to basic questions: how much? What? or When? it is not enough – it is necessary then to reach for more extensive research methods, which penetrate the structure of the respondents’ answers and analyze them not in terms of quantity but also in terms of quality.

When to conduct qualitative research?

Always if we want to know the answer to the questions like: why our client behaved in this way? or how to act, in order to achieve a certain effect? Qualitative research will be helpful in  many situations. The method is used primarily when:

– we want to broaden our knowledge about a given issue or problem,

– we are trying to take a closer look at the problem,

– we strive to understand the mechanisms of action of the researched issues,

– we want to try new solutions and look for ideas for our company,

– we want to receive accurate and in-depth reviews and information from respondents.

What methods can we use for qualitative research? It depends on individual needs. We can decide, among others for interviews – both individual and group, case study or observations.

It should be remembered that qualitative research, on the one hand, allows us to analyze it more deeply than quantitative research, but at the same time it is less systematic. The statistical methods that are typical for quantitative research can’t be simply used here.

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