Guide - Creating a questionnaire

Questionnaire (survey)

Intuitively, everyone knows what a survey or questionnaire means. We understand these concepts usually as research tools and indeed – it is their fundamental importance.

Questionnaire and survey –  is it just the same?

Simple answer is: no. Specialists involved in the creation of research tools distinguish between two types of questionnaire:

  • questionnaire in survey, or forms with questions addressed to respondents with a request for response, which can be carried out using various techniques, e.g. CAWI, CATI,
  • an interview questionnaire in which questions are asked to respondents on the basis of a specially prepared scheme. The interviewer collects the answers to get answers – he has pre-planned questions, their order or form.

Regardless of the questionnaire selection in the form of a survey or an interview before its implementation, several basic issues should be prepared, such as:

  • the purpose and subject of the research and putting research hypotheses,
  • defining a group of respondents (number, criteria for selecting a research sample, etc.),
  • creating an introduction (research topic, instructions for completion, etc.)
  • preparation of questions and specifications.

In order for the questionnaire to deliver the intended results and allow to get answers to specific questions it must be constructed in a correct manner. On our blog you can read how to provide productive feedback.

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