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Redirecting to other surveys

Sometimes, you can not include all the questions you want in one questionnaire. This is often the case with a widget, which has a limited form due to its function. It happens also when you create surveys in different language versions. In this cases it is best to use special Startquestion function – redirections between surveys.

How does this function work?


This function allows the respondent to be redirected to another questionnaire after giving a specific answer. For example: we create a questionnaire about eating habits and respondents are both from Poland and from abroad. For this kind of research we will need two language versions of one survey. To avoid mistakes when sending the right version, just create one questionnaire, which will combine both surveys with the question „Choose the language of the questionnaire”. After selecting the appropriate language, the respondent will be redirected to the Polish or English version of the questionnaire. And it’s ready!

How to use the redirection between surveys?


To use this function, you should first create questionnaires to which your respondent will be redirected. Then add a new questionnaire in which you ask a separating question, eg „Do you eat between meals.” Then select the appropriate questionnaire in the „After selecting this answer” window.

When to use this function?


We can use the redirection between surveys to create surveys in various languages, which we want to combine with one questionnaire, in the manner described above. The new feature can also be helpful with the widget, which is a kind of shortened questionnaire, within which you have the opportunity to create one page of the survey with several types of questions. It is often a form of introduction to further study- the website owner asks a few introductory questions, after which the respondent is redirected to the appropriate, longer survey.

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