Guide - Survey distribution

Reminder about the survey to people who haven’t completed it yet

To use this feature, the survey must have the highest security level, with respondent identification enabled. This option allows you to send a reminder about completing the survey to respondents previously invited by email who have not yet participated in the study. This is an effective way of reminding the respondent that we want her or him to speak on a given issue. It is good practice to send such a reminder about 7 days after sending the first invitation.

It is worth to remember that if in the first invitation it was announced that the survey was anonymous, then it is better not to refer directly to the respondent as an individual (by saying „We noticed that you have not completed the survey yet”), and to communicate the reminder in a general way ( e.g. by saying „If you haven’t completed the survey yet, please do so within the next 7 days”).

How to send a reminder?

1. Click Collect (1) and then Send to Email (2).

2. If the field 'Status’ is marked with a green stamp and indicates that the survey Sent or Clicked on the link (3), while the field Completed is empty (4) it means that the respondent has not completed the survey yet.

3. Remind respondents to complete the survey by clicking Configure Mailing.

4. Select „I want to send reminders to those who received invitation but did not complete the survey” (5), then click Next (6).

5. In the form field enter the sender of the message (7) and the subject of the e-mail (8), while in the place (9), edit the content of the invitation.

6. Use the graphic message template or cancel it in the field.

7. Click Send to forward the message to chosen recipients.

Worth to remember:

  • This option is only available if we have previously sent an email invitation to complete the survey and the respondent has not yet completed the questionnaire.
  • Reminders will also be sent to respondents who started but did not complete the survey.

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