Guide - Creating a questionnaire

Security of the survey from third parties

On Startquestion platform we are taking care about your survey security. Thanks to this function, you can secure access to your questionnaire with a password. If you protect the survey with a password (the same for everyone), you can be sure that the survey will only be filled by authorized persons (eg only by members of our company).

There are three levels of security for your survey available at the platform:

  1. Medium – the survey is available only via a direct link.
  2. High – the survey is available only after entering the password set earlier by you (See how to set the password).
  3. The highest – a survey secured with a single-use code (token), where each respondent has his or her individual one-time access password (See how to set up a survey with tokens).


How to secure access to the questionnaire from outsiders?


  1. Go to the Settings (1) tab and then the Survey Settings (2). This will expand the menu regarding this function and the form fields that will be used to modify the survey settings.

  1. In the displayed panel search for the “Security” form fields and then select the security level that interests you. You should remember, that the higher is the level, the greater the is also a chance that your survey will not be filled by outsiders.

Worth to remember:


  • If the results in your questionnaire are already collected, it is not possible to change the level of security from the highest level to each other, as well as every other to the highest.
  • By default, the survey settings allow access to questionnaire via a direct link (Security at medium level).
  • The medium level of security also means that your survey will certainly not appear in the site’s survey database, nor will it be indexed by search engines such as Google.


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