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Stapel’s scale

Attitudes, objects or phenomena can be assessed according to various criteria. One of the ways of measuring them is Stapel’s scale, whose name comes from the name of its creator – Dutch researcher Jan Stapel.

In this measurement scale, the assessment is made by assigning a given object or attitude to a certain value: from -5 to 5. Both ends of the scale are marked with adjectives describing the extreme features of the object or phenomenon being evaluated. For the value -5 there will be, for example, a description: Not useful at all, and at 5: Definitely useful. It is worth mentioning that the Stapel scale does not provide a zero point, i.e. it does not allow to evaluate the object in a neutral way.

Stapel’s scale – example:

The scale created on Startquestion platform may look like this: (219)

To create Stapel’s scale on Startquestion you can use different types of question, for example single choice question (like below) or matrix questions with only one or few rows, thanks to which You can ask in one question about a lot of parameters (price, usability etc.).  

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