Survey distribution

Surveys and tests can be easily sent to respondents using popular forms of distribution offered by our platform.

The basic form of distribution is the link to the survey. You can send it directly to respondents using one of the distribution channels – a questionnaire on a mail, a facebook poll, a questionnaire in a message.

If you want to send surveys to a large group of respondents using e-mail servers,it will be more accurate to use the „E-mail distribution” function. All you have to do is import the database of your respondents and create a new mailing. Anyone responding to an e-mail survey can be also easily identified by you.

Startquestion allows you to distribute offline survey results using the token print function. As a result, users will receive unique codes from you that they can use to participate in the survey.

It is worth adding that our tool let you send surveys from your own domain and mail server. This will allow you to increase the conversion of responses in the survey – it often happens that in the case of specific companies and institutions, respondents are more likely to answer questions when they recognize the sender of the message and the author of the study.

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