Guide - Creating a questionnaire

Survey in a foreign language

This option allows you to create a questionnaire in a language other than English. This option is very important in international, intercultural surveys or studies conducted by your company on the foreign market. Thanks to changing in the settings tab in your questionnaire you can easily change the language of the survey interface (such an elements like: the buttons for navigation and other static elements are changed).

How to create a survey in a language other than English?


  1. Go to the main menu and click Settings (1) and then choose the Survey Settings tab (2).


  1. Scroll down on the screen and look in the form field named: Survey interface language (3) in the menu and then click to highlight the language you are interested in. You can make a choice from over a dozen languages.
  2. Confirm your changes by clicking Save (4) at the end of the survey settings menu.

The effect of the introduced changes is displaying the interface of your questionnaire in the selected language. The changes will affect the entire interface, it means eg. buttons: forward or backward, all messages in the survey and additional information, eg: select one answer/select several answers.

Worth to remember:


  • Changing to the chosen language is only the interface. It means that the elements like: navigation elements, buttons, instructions and error messages, will be also changes.
  • Of course, the content of the questions is not translated automatically together with changing of interface. Questions and answers in your survey should be entered in the questionnaire in the language of your choice.
  • You can also create a survey in which you ask about the preferred language of the questionnaire and depending on your choice, you can redirect the respondent to the survey in the right language.

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