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Survey report in PDF, DOCX or PPTX

This option allows you to export collected results in PDF, DOCX (Word file) and PPTX (PowerPoint file). The report prepared in this way includes the title page (with the subject of research), responses of the respondents to individual questions (taking into account the percentage and total share of individual items) and charts, data on the total number of respondents and attachments (including, among others, open responses).

The report created in this way is ideally suited as a summary of the study and is ready to be presented to the supervisor or to archive the study results. The PDF version can be also designed for a printout. If you want to edit the report before printing (eg by adding your own comments) select the DOCX version. If you want to present the results of your research at the meeting – select the PPTX report.

This report may also contain results filtered by a specific criterion. You can generate two reports – for example, one for women, the other for men. Of course – only if the question about sex is included in your survey. The filtered report is generated in the same way as the total summary report, with the difference that earlier you should enable filtering the results and apply the filter to the appropriate data. Reports can also be defined for cyclic distribution via e-mail.


How to generate a survey report?


  1. After (or during) collection of the results, click Results (1) and then Aggregated results (2). Choose the preferred form of the report and click the appropriate button: PPT, DOCX (3).
  1. You can also create your own report, which is described in detail in the separate articles.
  2. If you want to generate a report for a selected segment (eg only clients), filter the results according to selected criteria (See how) and generate a report after filtering.
  3. The report will be saved to disk if you have collected more results. If your questionnaire has more questions, it will be sent to your e-mail after being generated.


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