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Pollster (interviewer)

The pollster, also known as interviewer, is the person who is ordered to conduct the test. This term applies to a specific type of questionnaires – those that use the quantitative method. The interviewer conducts a questionnaire interview with the respondent, consisting of previously prepared, specific questions. The tasks of such a person should also include marking the answers provided by the participant on the previously created form/survey.

The pollster’s work is not limited to simply reading the questions and determining the answers – his tasks are much more demanding. He or she must, among others, set a group of respondents (the success of the study depends on the right selection of the representative sample). In addition, the decision of the interviewer often depends on the choice of a particular research tool and providing the conditions for the research – the place and time.

Interviewers work on both paper questionnaires and electronic research (CATI). Where can the pollster is expected to participate in the study? Above all, in large research agencies or survey networks.

The selection of an appropriate interviewer for a given study and its substantive preparation is very important. The interviewer can cause between the respondent the effect named: “the interviewer’s influence”. This is based on a situation in which pollster involuntarily gives to respondents some signs which answer is correct or desirable due to the purpose of the survey.

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