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Use Zapier to connect Startquestion with 3000+ apps

Use Zapier to send your survey results to other apps or use other app events to trigger send emails with survey invitations.

With Zapier you can easily integrate two apps together without or with minimal help of your IT department. You can use Zapier integration to get most of your surveys in two ways:

  • Startquestion as a destination (Zapier action) – this configuration allows you to send emails with surveys invitation to your customers or users after they completed events in your app like signed up for a newsletter or event, completed transaction, changed plan or churned.   
  • Startquestion as a source (Zapier trigger) – this configuration allows you to send collected responses to other apps like your CRM, email marketing tool or database. 

How to connect Zapier with Startquestion?

Login to your Zapier account

From Apps catalogue search for Startquestion and click Connect

You will be asked to provide login credentials, that you can generate in your Startquestion Account settings -> Integrations -> Zapier (or click here)

Copy both Zapier Client ID and Zapier Client Secret into connection screen and click Yes, Continue

Test your connection to make sure everything works fine. If it does, you’re good to go!

How to create a Zap with Startquestion action?

In order for this Zap to work you need to provide email in the Trigger. Examples of Triggers can be:

  • new registration or customer (eg. in Mailchimp or Intercom)
  • new transaction or payment (eg. in Shopify or Magento)
  • completed support ticket (eg. in Zendesk or Livechat)
  • signing up for an event or event check-in (eg. in Eventbrite or Eventfarm)
  • new tag added to your user or updated deal (eg. in Intercom or Pipedrive)
  • new candidate or an employee (eg. in Greenhouse or Bamboo HR)

For the testing purpose we’ll just use simple Trigger, that would be adding new row to Google Spreadsheet. Create a new sheet, with at least one column, that will be named „email” (you can add extra attributes to other columns) and some sample emails in following rows. Use this as a Trigger for your Zap.

Then open Actions and choose Startquestion 

Select “Send Survey via Email”. This would send a survey invitation to a respondent, that will be provided in your Trigger. This Trigger must have an email address, but you can also include extra user attributes (labels). Labels can be either used for survey results filtering or as a dynamic variable in your invitation content or survey questions. 

Examples of user attributes:

  • name (eg. use in your email invitation as “Hi {William}”)
  • plan (eg. use in results filtering to segment answers from users on {Gold} or {Silver} plan)
  • date (eg. use in email invitations as “Hi, you signed up for a conference on {26th of May 2022}, let us know your accommodation and food preference”)  

To learn more about using user attributes and macros, click here.

Choose your Startquestion account. If you have connected only one account, it will be probably your email.

In Email Address field choose a source of email, that will come from your Trigger and will be used as a recipient.

Choose a survey you would like to send to users. Those are internal survey names from your connected account.

Choose invitation email template, that will be used in this Zap. If you don’t have any, first create a template in Startquestion.

Optionally you can also decide to send an automatic reminder, that will be sent to users that have not completed the survey in given time. If you proceed with the invitation, choose email template and delay time. Delay time is calculated with hours. 

When all set, click Continue and click Test & Review. After successful test you can Turn on your Zap, sit back and enjoy the automation!

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