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Test result and feedback for the respondent after completing the survey

This option is mostly useful for users who would like to create knowledge tests. It allows the researcher to become acquainted with the level of their own knowledge on the subject under study. With this option it is possible to display test results along with their interpretation, eg „Test result: 48/50 points. Congratulations! It’s really great score. „

How to show the respondent the result after completing the survey?

1. First, you have to define the type of survey as Test. To do this, click Settings (1) and then Survey Settings (2).

2. In the menu on Survey type (3), select Test.

3. In the form ‘After completing the survey’, select Test results displayed after survey completion (4), if you want to display the score and Feedback displayed after survey completion (5), if you want to display the interpretation of this result. You can choose either option or both.

4. Confirm your changes by clicking Save at the end of the survey settings menu. At this point, it is also worth mentioning the need to assign points (weights) to the answers to individual questions. It is necessary to finally receive feedback. You can read about how to do this in this article.

5. Then click Settings (7) again and then Feedback (8).

6. If the Test is divided into issues, exploring different areas, use the Add New Feature (9) button to create the desired number of attributes (eg knowledge, morality, etc.).

7. Give the name of the created feature (10), and then select the answers in the specific questions that make up this feature (11).

8. Record the feature and return to the Feedback menu (12), or click Save and add another (13) to complete the list of created features.

9. In the main menu regarding Feedback, click Add feedback.

10. Name the information provided (eg Knowledge results) in the form field (15).

11. Specify the conditions that the characteristics should meet to show the respondent information: in field (16) select the name of the feature (eg Knowledge), in field (17) – condition for the result of this characteristic, in the field (18) – the condition of majority / minority / equality, in field (19) – determine whether the result should refer to the absolute value or the value of the characteristic, while in field (20) – what is the characteristic.

12. To add another condition, click  on plus (21), and then proceed as in the previous step.

13. In the form field (22), enter the feedback that will be displayed to the respondent after fulfilling the pre-determined condition regarding the results obtained by him.

14. Click Save to confirm the changes and return to the list, or Save and add another  to create a list of new conditions for other features.

15. To cancel your changes and return to the feedback menu, click Back to list.

Worth to remember:

  • Displaying the results to the respondent is possible only when the questionnaire is a TEST and not a questionnaire. (See how to create a Test).
  • You can create a questionnaire examining several features and display interpretation for each of them.
  • This option is available only if you have assigned points to the answer (See how).

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