Guide - Creating a questionnaire

The answer to the question in the content of next questions

Thanks to this function of platform, the answers marked by the respondent will be included in the content of the question you indicate. Below we present you a detailed instruction on what should be done to use the answers provided in the next questions in the questionnaire.

How to refer to the answers from the previous question?

  1. Sample content of the question whose answer will be used later in the survey: in this example, we ask the respondent about the services of a telecommunications company.

  1. As you can see in the attached picture is the question number one.
  2. Now we add question number two necessarily on the next page.
  3. If we want to use the name of the company selected in question number 1 in the next question content, enter [ANS_1] – where the number is the question number. In the questionnaire editing view, the question will look like this:

  1. However, when completing the questionnaire, assuming that the respondent selects the answer „Play”(first possible answer), the question will look like this:

  1. What will happen when the respondent does not find a company that suits him or her and puts in his own answer?

  1. The company’s manual entry by the respondent will be as in the example above in the further part of the survey:

Worth to remember:

  • You can only refer to the answers contained in single-choice questions,
  • The question in which we use the [ANS_X] tag can’t be on the same page as the source question or the previous pages. This question must always be on the following pages of the questionnaire!
  • At, we have additional ways for dynamic content and a cafeteria for questions. You will learn this in the article about the labels of the respondents, and in the article about the dynamic cafeteria.


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