Guide - Creating a questionnaire

The maximum length of text responses in the survey

When creating a questionnaire on the Startquestion platform You can use up to 18 types of questions. Some of them give the possibility of entering your own answers by respondents (open questions), and some of them are closed questions – they require selecting the appropriate option. However, even in the second case, the creator of the questionnaire may allow respondents to grant the so-called in-depth statements or entering your own answer (eg to a different question: what? how?). In such cases, the Startquestion system provides for limits on the length of the speech.

Length limits depending on the type of questions:

  • descriptive – 65535 characters,
  • form type – 65535 characters,
  • matrix open – 65535 characters,
  • about number – 18 characters,
  • about e-mail – 100 characters.

Length limits in in-depth statements in different types of questions:

  • single-choice matrix – 65535
  • NPS – 65535
  • rating – 65535

Length limits in other (own) responses in questions:

  • single choice – 65535,
  • multiple choice – 65535,
  • single-choice matrix – 65535,
  • multiple-choice martix – 65535,
  • rating – 65535.

The following character lengths are valid from September 18, 2018 – they have been increased in relation to previously applicable limits.

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