Guide - Access and security

The questionnaire protected by a password

If you want to be sure that someone unauthorized won’t complete your questionnaire, you should take care about security settings. For example, You can easily protect your survey with a password. Thanks to this everybody who has a link and know the password for the survey will have the opportunity to complete the questionnaire or view the results.

How to set a password to access the survey?


  1. Go to the Settings (1) tab and then choose: Survey Settings (2). This will expand the menu regarding this function and display the form fields for responses to the survey settings.
  2. In the form, find the Security section (3), and then select the High option – The questionnaire is available only after entering the password. The same password for everyone.
  3. Enter your password in the field next to (4).
  4. To confirm the changes, at the bottom of the Survey Settings form, click the Save button (5).


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