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Trial period

What is the trial period?

You can register a new account by providing only the email address. After 14 days of free trial, decide if you want to start the subscription. The trial period doesn’t oblige you to pay for the service. Furthermore, we do not require a credit card.

What limitations does the trial period have?

The one and only limitation is access to first 20 collected results in all surveys on the account. After paying for the account, the access is unlocked and all collected completions are visible for You.

I’m currently using the trial period and I want to pay for my account. Will my current survey and results be still available to me?

Of course. After paying the account and activating its full version, all surveys and collected results remain on the account. Only the account options and the number of visible completions increase.

Are there any additional restrictions?

During the free trial period You can create any number of surveys. Please note, however, the limits of completions and shipments in individual plans. If necessary, you can purchase additional completions and mail packages (it is available in the panel after logging in).

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